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Ideal to get your child's grade back to school, suitable for children +-12 years and younger. It is recommended that children under the age of 3 years old should not wear a mask unless absolutely necessary, their breathing should be monitored. 

Mask Features

Our Face Masks tie behind your head, ensuring optimal fit.

• The masks are designed to help prevent transmission and infection; they are not being distributed to medical personal.

• Constant reminder to keep your distance, be vigilant and to not touch your face.

• Soft on the skin, manufactured with comfortable moisture managing materials.

• Three layers of material prevent the transmission of moisture in or out, as well as increasing the amount of moisture needed before being fully saturated.

• Three layers of material creates a barrier between the inner and outer layers, thus reducing the risk of infection even further.

• Washable/reusable.

• The masks are not surgical grade or antibacterial.

• The masks are made up with polyesters and not N95