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Pleated EASY BREATHING Black Mask (5 Pack)

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Our Easy Breathing Mask allows you to breath easy whilst you work and it's ideal for staff that needs to wear the mask the entire day. The wire nose piece keeps the mask flush to your face, reducing the chance of your glasses fogging up.

 The inner micro-fibre layer is soft on the skin, eliminating any chafe or discomfort, whilst also effectively wicking moisture from your face. The mask is made up of 2 layers, although the nature of the inner micro-fibre layer gives it the effective thickness of a 4 layer mask, the inner layer is textured on both sides which means that the outer dense polyester layer is distanced from that of the inner.

 This face mask is fastened by tying the elastic behind your head, and not looped around your ears, this type of mask provides the best fit.